[] 1D6 Xvm ModPack v1.9.0.1#2 for World of Tanks

In this assembly, a minimum of changes – the author has collected only those modifications that are really useful in combat. 18 manned in small size mods are waiting for you!

What mods can be found in the assembly 1D6 Xvm ModPack?

  • J1mB0’s Crosshair
  • Harpoon’s Crosshair
  • XVM mod
  • Battle Assistant
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Safe Shot
  • P-MOD
  • Session Statistics
  • ModPack Version Checker by webium
  • mod 6th senses
  • WN8
  • Carousel mod
  • Displays Hitlog
  • much more

1D6 Xvm ModPack 1D6 Xvm ModPack


  • Update XVM 7.5.1
  • Update icons (Contour & Gold)
  • Update Harpoon’s Crosshair (10/06)

How to installed modpack?

First, download mod and the folder res_mods from it we copy to the root directory of the game (the folder where the World of Tanks client is installed). After that, we agree to merge the folders, wait until everything is copied and you can play!

If these World of Tanks mods are needed by you separately, write in the comments and we will give you links.


1D6 Xvm ModPack (30 MB)

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