Modpack GeeMod v2.1.7 for World of Tanks

Installed this modpack on your computer, you get a certain number of advantages, which we can talk a very long time, but it’s much better to check it directly in battle. The modpack of GeeMod will like you pleasant interface changes, among which is the convenient work of Pmod, an accurate display of the chances of victory,…

[] Pulse scope for World of Tanks

The new Pulse sight, created by the Coyotes community, differs not only in its unusual visual style, but also in the absence of scripts, which will save the player from FPS subsidence. Features of modification Now the grid will not merge with the terrain of some maps, because colors are matched as competently as possible….

UML Utilization Project for World of Tanks

The main purpose of the UML Utilization Project mod is to change the animation in the World of Tanks game. Mod has absorbed the animation changes for more than 62 tanks, reviving and decorating the gameplay. UML Utilization completely fits into the concept of the game, making the technique more natural and realistic. Mod does…

The Relhax Modpack for WOT

Modpack under the name OMC stops working with the release of update But if you have already managed to get upset I hasten to please you – the developers do not stop their work. The author of the OMC modpack decided to radically change and improve it.