[] 1D6 Xvm ModPack v1.5.0f for World of Tanks

In this assembly, a minimum of changes – the author has collected only those modifications that are really useful in combat. 18 manned in small size mods are waiting for you! What mods can be found in the assembly 1D6 Xvm ModPack? J1mB0’s Crosshair Harpoon’s Crosshair XVM mod Battle Assistant Zoom In/Out Safe Shot P-MOD…

The Relhax Modpack for WOT

Modpack under the name OMC stops working with the release of update But if you have already managed to get upset I hasten to please you – the developers do not stop their work. The author of the OMC modpack decided to radically change and improve it.

OldSkools modpack for WoT

Today we offer a famous modpack from OldSkools. Only the most necessary and useful mods you will find here. Now the game will become much more comfortable thanks to a lot of informative modifications. In addition, modpack has an author’s configuration XVM.

Solo’s Easy ModPack v11 for WoT

One of the most popular modpacks for EU region. What’s are in Solo’s modpack for World of Tanks Convenient sight. Black removal in sniper mode. Automatic shooting. Showing the level of battles in the platoon. Statistics of fights for one session. A new mode of aiming at artillery. Jimbo XVM config Demon XVM config XVM Clan Icons…

Cheat mod “enemy recharge” for WOT

One of the most useful, but at the same time banned mod – shows the reloading of enemies directly over the enemy machine. Features of modification As soon as the enemy makes a shot and starts reloading, an animated red marker appears over his tank, counting the time until the end of the recharging process….

Cheat mod Shadow for WOT

Mod Shadow will help to see the last location of the enemy, which disappeared from the light zone. How does the mod work? If any tank from the enemy team lit up and then disappeared from the viewing area, then at the place of its last location will appear a translucent silhouette of the tank…

AVSMODS – the best cheat modification for WOT

In this mod assembly created by the player PolarFox, the tankman will find the most necessary and useful modifications for the World of Tanks. Mods inside Avsmods Tundra X-Ray Enemy direction Lasers Gun direction Chameleon Enemy destruction indicator Beyond render range indicator Shadow Reloading Auto heal/repair/fire extinguisher Advanced 6th sense