Cheat mod “enemy recharge” for WOT

One of the most useful, but at the same time banned mod – shows the reloading of enemies directly over the enemy machine. Features of modification As soon as the enemy makes a shot and starts reloading, an animated red marker appears over his tank, counting the time until the end of the recharging process….

AVSMODS – the best cheat modification for WOT

In this mod assembly created by the player PolarFox, the tankman will find the most necessary and useful modifications for the World of Tanks. Mods inside Avsmods Tundra X-Ray Enemy direction Lasers Gun direction Chameleon Enemy destruction indicator Beyond render range indicator Shadow Reloading Auto heal/repair/fire extinguisher Advanced 6th sense

Red-blue sight from Badboy78 for World of Tanks

If you want all the most important and useful information about your tank to be displayed directly in front of you, then you should install a Badboy78 red-blue sight for World of tanks 1.5, which is based on the popular Damocle Sword mod.

Sniper sight for World of Tanks 1.5.0

Reliable sight Sniper for World of Tanks 1.5.0. According to the author of the modification, the procurement for this sight was found on the Internet and earlier the author of this sight was modder marsoff. The sight in the adaptation to this patch turned out even better, there are white and light green tones that…

Scope ATAC for WOT 1.5.0

Mod Atas is designed to protect inattentive tankmen from the unexpected appearance of light enemy tanks in the rear. The mod works as follows: when an enemy appears within a hundred and fifty meters from your tank, Atas will show its name, exact distance to it, and also an icon with an exclamation point inside….

Minimalistic sight Dellux for World of Tanks 1.5.0

The standard sight, loaded with all sorts of data and various devices, has many opponents among World of Tanks players. The way out is seen in the installation of the mod’s minimalist Dellux sight for World of tanks 1.5.0. And really, there is absolutely nothing superfluous. All only the most necessary. There is an indicator…

Scope Kellerman for WOT 1.5.0

In addition to changing the targeting interface, this mod adds a multiple zoom to the game. Features of modification Changes will affect all three modes of fire – artillery, arcade and sniper. The colors have changed completely, instead of green, blue now dominated, which ensured a high visibility of the elements of the sight on…

Sight Meltymap’s Mathmod for WOT 1.5.0

This modification changes standart sight  World of Tanks to unusual version, which has special functionality. This sight has an interesting design, which is caused by the addition of the indicator line of the review, which was not found in others modifications.

Deegies’s sight for WOT 1.5.0

The Deegie’s sights are the most beautiful mod in Sight category. Features of modification The mod is executed in turquoise tones. During recharging, a new, beautiful animation is played. The author paid most attention to the beauty of this mod, now the aiming interface has become truly magnificent, for example, the indicators of reloading and strength of…