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About World of Tanks Game

Game World of Tanks for many years holds the leader position. Every year and a new update the game becomes more realistic and advanced, I think you are sure yourselves in this.

But there is one way to make the game cooler and more comfortable – install a mod. With each new update, the number of different mods are growing. This mod are offered for us both regular players and professionals in the game. If you installe mods your game will be interesting and better, because mods contain useful information which will give an advantage in the game. Today there are several hundred of mods in game, so you can easily find something for your taste.

Team spirit of the battle, as well as an incredibly large selection of technology in conjunction with an advanced system of pumping will make players experience the enchanting immersion in the gameplay. A huge number of strategies that can be used against your opponents surprise even experienced tankmen who seem to have achieved a high result and are aware of the “World of Tanks” almost everything.

In a world where tanks rule, a player can choose from more than 350 different types of equipment. There are both glorified models of the Second World War (for example, T-34 and “Tiger”), as well as prototypes and experimental variants that never left the design. Each unit of technology in the game is created by prototypes of real models. Absolutely the whole technique is balanced for multiplayer battles.

The most popular of them are:

– XVM (by installing this mod you will know the effectiveness of your team in battle)

– Lamps of sixth senses (if you are not careful when played in battle, then this mod with the help you. Picture will be able to warn you about the danger and saving you)

– Damage panel (a mode where players will always be informed about the status of combat vehicles, also there is a useful function – damage log – players will know about the state of their HP)

– Mini-maps (there is a different choice of functional mini-maps)

– Zoom mod (help the player zoom in or zoom picture in battle)

– Sights (is a popular mod among the players. In the archive there are a large number of different sights to choose from)

The most popular modpacks

Millions of players have already know about quality mods World of Tanks game. What could be better than a functional and information mod that will help you to improve your fighting skills? Only the assembly of such mods or as it is called ModPack.

The big plus of modpack is its capacity. After downloading and installing modpack, player instead of one mod gets hundreds of mods. Therefore, this category is widely popular among players.

You do not have to spend a lot of time searching for and installing popular sights, useful minimaps, necessary damage panels, important hitzones and other functional mods – all this you will find in modpack. All you need is to determine which modpack to download. The authors of modpacks follow the most popular and useful mods and immediately include them in their modpack. The most popular modpacks are:

On our site you will find all these modpacks and many others. Assemblies are constantly updated and improved, so stay tuned for the latest versions.

The most popular sights

For a good and productive game you need a useful and informative sight. That’s why the category of sights is one of the most popular for today. On our website you can find the most popular, modernized and practical sights for World of Tanks. For example:
– Sight Battle Assistant – The most popular for today. Because of its advantages and prospects, this sight has also received the award from Wargaming.
– Damoklov Sword
– A sight from Kellerman with a calculator of armor
– HARDscope – historical sight
– CircleCross sight

WOT News

Also on our site we have a category News. Here you will be informed about the most relevant news in the World of Tanks and of course the upcoming updates. Here you can download Common Test for WOT.


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