Aimbot from darkteam from WOT 1.9.0

A new aimbot from DarkTeam, supplemented by a display of destroyed objects.

Features of modification

The mod consists of two elements. The first is an aimbot, a modification several times improving the auto-targeting mode. The following functions have appeared:

  • Automatic calculation of anticipation for a moving enemy;
  • Intuitive targeting of weak points (can be disabled using the Numpad);
  • If the enemy is hidden behind the house or the landscape, it can still be taken into sight, the restriction on capture only in the line of sight is removed;
  • Target capture indicator, distance to the opponent, information on the status of lead and thickness of armor at the point where the marker is located.

cheat from wot

In addition to the new aiming, another very useful cheat is included in the mod. If in some place of the map the enemy interacts with an interactive object (for example, a car or a tree), then a marker will appear at that point. The mark appears not only on the minimap, but also on the battlefield itself, which is very convenient. Especially the benefits of such information are palpable when the player is left alone against several enemy tanks.

How to set the sight?

The configs folder is copied to \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \. Copy the rest of the folders and files to World of Tanks \ res_mods \ 1.9.0
The first screen shows the destruction of objects, the second is devoted to the sight.


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