Anime textures for World of Tanks 1.0.1

For all anime lovers, we are pleased to present, by right the biggest anime modpack,  Ani WoT modpack for 1.0.1. This collection of quality textures for tanks entirely devoted to anime style. Modpack included anime skins for all nations that are constantly replenished, a large number of various visualization modifications such as:

  • Loading screens of the game,
  • Loading screens of maps,
  • The crew icons are large and small
  • Final statistics
  • Anime hangar and 6th lamps

Features of modpack

  • More than 100 textures are available.
  • Installer in Russian and English languages.
  • When installing skins, you can admire the screenshots of the work.
  • Many familiar characters, for example, Erica Hartmann and Hatsune Miku.
  • Attention! The author recommends installing textures only on a clean client, and only then complement it with their mods.

Anime textures for World of Tanks

However, if the modifications you need change the interface or add sounds, without affecting the visual appearance of technology, you should not be afraid of conflicts.

Installing the collection

The author of the assembly made a convenient installer, so there will not be any problems with installing the modpack, because all you need to do is to run the compilation, specify the installation location (if the installer does not find it) and select the necessary textures for the tanks.

Watch the video demo to see the changes:


Anime textures  (0.7 GB)

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