Arcade and sniper sight Crystal for WOT 1.0.1

Arcade and sniper sight Crystal for WOT 1.0.1 are very minimalistic and take up little space on the screen. To display the recharge time and the number of shells, a very beautiful font is chosen, which is completely suitable for such a game as tanks. All sensors are located not as always on the sides, but slightly lower.

The location of useful information in the sight is made in a new style, the recharge time, the distance to the target, the hp tank, as well as the ammunition is now shifted down from the central marker, which would be convenient for the players during the battle, the zoom digits in the sniper scope moved up the sight.

Due to the light green and white color, the sight is very clearly visible on all the maps. Under the sight style is added as an animated reduction with a red circle filling.


  • Install the font from the archive.
  • Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.


Sight  Crystal (1 MB)

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