Autoaim from SAE for WOT

The sight from SAE is one of the most functional cheats for World of Tanks. In the new version, the sight can be adjusted right in the hangar! Use the button near the system chat window. Modification options Capture targets regardless of obstacles. Automatic calculation of lead. The standard auto-target does not solve the problem…

Modpack from webium v01

Friends! We want to offer your attention one modpack that has collected only useful mods for World of Tanks Judging by downloading this modpack is on the second place after Aslain modpack. The list of mods is simply huge, but all of they are very useful in this game. All mods are checked for…

Mod YasenKrasen for World of Tanks

This mod for World of Tanks, is the most indispensable, it allows you to sort your results for the battle and put on them the appropriate color differences. So, for example, costs will be allocated in white, profit is green and different names will have a yellow tint. Pretty comfortable and nice by the eye….

vanga mod for WOT

Autoaim Vanga for World of Tanks

Cheater’s sight under the name Vanga has long been recognized by many players who love to fight with the use of banned mods. All due to the fact that this cheat improves the work of standard auto-targeting. Features Vanga sight You’ve probably noticed that standard sight does not know how to fire at a moving…

Scope ATAC for WOT 1.8.0

Mod Atas is designed to protect inattentive tankmen from the unexpected appearance of light enemy tanks in the rear. The mod works as follows: when an enemy appears within a hundred and fifty meters from your tank, Atas will show its name, exact distance to it, and also an icon with an exclamation point inside….

OldSkools modpack for WoT 1.8.0

Today we offer a famous modpack from OldSkools. Only the most necessary and useful mods you will find here. Now the game will become much more comfortable thanks to a lot of informative modifications. In addition, modpack has an author’s configuration XVM.

Cheat modpack Draug mods for WOT 1.8.0

16 cheats mods that has capable of reversing the course in battle and many more allowed mods – all this you will find in the new assembly of the Draug Modpack. What mods modpack has  included? First let’s talk about the legal mods in modpack. These are different sights, damage panels, and damage indicators. You can also…

Laser sight for World of Tanks

We have an interesting modification that allows adding a laser sight to some models of tanks. A lot of players will probably want to install this modification. The authors of the mod made some real laser sights for some tank models. With their help you can accurately aim in the arcade mode and see which…