Automatic fire extinguishing for WOT

Rumors have been circulating about this mod for a long time, but now it appeared on our website – it’s an automatic fire extinguisher, purchased for silver. Since the modification is forbidden, its use can lead to a ban and we post it only for reference.

What are the benefits of using this mod?

In the World of Tanks at the moment there are two types of fire extinguishers. The first is purchased for three thousand silver coins and to activate it you need to press a special button. The second one is more functional and works automatically, but its price is much more – 50 gold coins or 20 thousand silver.

Mod allows you to turn the standard version into an automatic one, causing it to fire the second the tank caught fire from being hit by an engine, tanks or transmission. This way you can save a huge pile of silver.

Installing this script

Just go to the folder “\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ and here move the folders from the archive.
The fire extinguisher, which will fire automatically, as you can see, is standard and cheap:


extinguisher (2 MB)

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