Battle Assistant Scope for WOT 9.20.1

Today World of Tanks is one of the most popular and advanced game. Developers and modder all the time try to improve and modern the game for players. Therefore, with each new update there are become new, more useful and improved mods for your favorite game. Mods that are simply irreplaceable tools for the player in battle.

About Battle Assistant Scope

The sight Battle Assistant has a lot of features and privileges, unlike others sights. Its benefit is recognized not only tankmen, but also developers too. As you know, WG constantly conducts numerous contests on which the best and most useful modifications are chosen for the game, and the author of the winning mods is financially encouraged.

The most popular category is sights. What can be more useful for a player during a battle? Only good, convenient and maximally informative sight? Today we represent exactly this kind of sight. Sight, which is the best, most popular and useful for the player.
Mod Battle Assistant in the recent competition deservedly won first place among all the various options presented. Mod is the best of the best. Wargaming even included a modification Battle Assistant in the list of recommended mods for players. The mod includes modules for each type of equipment. The sight has a lot of advantages that you can use in battle.



Battle Assistant has a number of features and advantages:

  •  Improved artillery sight for artillery. In fact, it is the most famous module. This modification will really give you an advantage in combat. This mod replaces the standard top view in art mode with a new one, adapted more like a sniper. Now the player can analyze the trajectory of the projectile’s flight. The viewing angle of the enemy tank completely changes. This feature will be useful on city maps, where there are many houses and probably do not know where the projectile will go: to the house or tank. Now this problem is solved. You will know exactly the trajectory of your projectile’s flight and its hit.
  •  Function of fixing the aiming point. Even if your opponent has gone into the glare, you can still watch him with the fixation of the aiming point. Plus you can aim at any point of the enemy.
  •  Module “Fire Corrector”. Imagine the enemy is located on a hill and you have already prepared to strike, but suddenly the enemy disappears into the glare. If you try to shoot, then in this case you expect failure, because automatically the aiming point is shifted from the enemy to a point much further, the sky. In such cases, your shot will fly much higher than the opponent. But sight Battle Assistant will be able to figure it out. Mod automatically adjusts the aiming in sniper mode, so the projectile will fly to the desired point.
  •  “Useful Expert”. The module works only if one of the members of your crew has it such module. In Battle Assistant, this feature is more modernized. Now the Expert is activated in 3-4 seconds for the tank to which you deal damage

Important! Mod does not conflict with popular modpacks, so you can safely combine them but first you need to install modpack, and after download the scope.

IMPORTANT! Now the mod needs to be activated every 7 days on this page, otherwise it will not work. After activation, restart the game


Battle Assistant 2.0.3 (9.20)  (60 КB)

Battle Assistant 2.0.2 (  (60 КB)

9.20.1 will be soon

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