[] Battle Assistant zoom for arty World of Tanks

Among the many mods offered to users of the game “World of Tanks”, you can find a really useful thing. And this mod can help to play and also is legal. We means modifying a special zoom for an arty – Battle Assistant zoom for artillery World of Tanks As the name suggests, this addition is intended for fans of artillery tanks.

In the modification, there is a mode of including additional functions during the battle. Pressing the “hot” key in the “art prize” the player will get a very interesting look. The enemy tank will be visible half-way from the top, half if the gamer was actually in his Grill or SU-8. The most interesting thing is to observe how the projectile flies in this mode.

Moving along a hinged trajectory, it hits the target or lies next to it. Choosing a place to shoot, and more often it should be done with anticipation, the player can visually understand where his shell will arrive. Another plus of the modification – recruits can see the mechanism of the projectile’s flight, understand the process of destruction of equipment.

Edit the control button in the file
WOT \ res_mods \ 0.9.x \ scripts \ client \ gui \ mods \ mod_battle_assistant.json


Battle Assistant (1 MB)

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