Battlehits – mod showing received and inflicted hits in battle for WOT

Mod battle wounds for World of Tanks provides a detailed view of all hits that tank had received for a particular fight. The setting of modification is carried out in the hangar. To do this, find the mod icon in the lower right corner of the hangar.

To restore the picture of the received hits on your tank or the hits inflicted on the enemies, you need to select the shot you want and you will clearly see the flight of the projectile and the consequences of contact with the armor in the place of penetration. The guidance marker and visual simulation of the projectile’s flight enable us to determine the angle of its impact.

Modification Battlehits has an information panel that displays the type of combat vehicle that carried out the hit, the damage done by the enemy shell, as well as the format of the damage inflicted (damage, critical damage, etc.) and the type of projectile.
An interactive view of hits allows you can help to analyze your own behavior in battle, identify tactical errors and take measures to correct them, improving combat statistics.

The models of tanks in the hangar are created in the form of a three-dimensional model, which allows us to view the combat vehicle from all sides. The simplest installation process and the wide functionality of the add-on make it possible to make the game more informative and interesting.


battlehits (10 MB)

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