Black sight for World of Tanks

Behind the simple name is one of the most interesting sights for the World of Tanks.

Features of modification

  • The double black line is the main advantage of the mod. Initially, the developers of the game added a very subtle line, which can easily get lost in the background of the terrain. With a black version, such inconveniences do not arise, because it saves not only black color but also the volume of information, it is very broad, due to which the mixing is always noticeable.
  • During recharging, a nice animation is played.
  • In arcade mode, a green targeting marker is used.
  • Indicators and text are now white and displayed with a new font.
  • As a result, it turned out to be a good mod, which for sure will appeal to players who have difficulty with merging standard information on summer maps.


  • Install the fonts from the archive first.
  • Copy the scope files to /World_of_Tanks/mods/
  • Done!


Black sight (650 KB)

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