Cheat mod Chameleon (always visible enemies, X-ray, bright skies) for WOT

Assembly from three cheat modifications, giving a very significant gaming advantage over the enemy.

What components are included in the assembly

In the modification are at once three components:

  • X-ray mod, which always shows the contours of enemies, even when you do not aim at enemy technology;
  • Activated simpler models with booking display;
  • And the last most interesting component is the shadow of the enemies that disappeared from the light. Now if the enemy has ceased to shine, the place of his last detection will be his shadow, and at the top the name of the machine.

Installation, configuration and use of the modification

Two folders from the archive move here: “\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ number of the current patch”. All is ready!

Now let’s talk about how the modification is configured and activated. By default, only one of the three components of the mod is active – the shadow of the enemies on the battlefield, as well as the captions to them. To activate the X-ray (constant stroke), press the “U” key. But in order to activate the change of tank models to brighter ones, you should press the “I” key.

If you want to customize your keys or do two or three modes at once, then configure the configuration file “chams” located on the path \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ \ scripts \ client \ mods.

Render contours (behind the stone)

Shadows from disappeared enemies in glare

A new, brighter and simpler model of the machine

The outline, which is visible even without guidance

The name of the missing tank


сhameleon_mod (600 KB)

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