Cheat mod “enemy recharge” for WOT

One of the most useful, but at the same time banned mod – shows the reloading of enemies directly over the enemy machine.

Features of modification

  • As soon as the enemy makes a shot and starts reloading, an animated red marker appears over his tank, counting the time until the end of the recharging process.
  • Works absolutely with all tanks.
  • The mod is forbidden and laid out for inspection. Use solely at your own risk.

The list of prohibited modifications for use all continues to expand and it would be logical to assume that this cheat, showing the reloading of enemies, also falls into this list. So it turned out – the modification is now prohibited, as it gives a very significant advantage over tankmen who do not use this modification. Of course, you can just keep in mind how much the enemy on the IS is left to recharge, but the modification does it for you, thereby increasing the chances of winning a duel with the opponent.

Always visible recharge settings

  • Modify the contents of the modifier in \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \
  • All is ready!


Cheat mod (2 MB)

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