Cheat mod “red pillars” for World of Tanks

Mod Red columns are included in the list of cheat modifications, it shows the location of the tanks on the battlefield, which are outside the square of the drawing.

Mod description

In the World of Tanks, the survey system draws the technique on the map only within the square, distant machines are visible only on the minimap. But with this mod the situation is corrected and now the enemies are visible on the whole map. On the spot where the enemy stands, a red pillar appears.

In contrast to the previous version of this mod, here the red pillar received a color indication, indicating that the tank can be accessed. The height of the marks is equal to the height of the tank, so if there is not only red color in the line of sight, but also some other one, you can try to shoot, there is a probability of hitting. Of course, successful shots will occur very rarely, but why not to try.

Using forbidden mods, you can get much more information about enemies, for example, try setting a timer to reload opponents over the tank.

How to install the red pillars?

The configs folder is copied to \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \. Copy the rest of the folders and files to World of Tanks \ res_mods \
Demonstration screenshots (there is only one column, but very rarely they appear):


Cheat mod red pillars (45 KB)

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