Cheat mod Shadow for WOT

Mod Shadow will help to see the last location of the enemy, which disappeared from the light zone.

How does the mod work?

If any tank from the enemy team lit up and then disappeared from the viewing area, then at the place of its last location will appear a translucent silhouette of the tank and a red inscription with its name.

In which cases can such functionality help? It’s all about convenience. If the player uses a mini-map from the XVM mod, then the last location of the enemy will be noted on it, however it is difficult to monitor the minimap constantly for some players, so the information will be available directly on the battlefield. Take a look at the screenshots below, thanks to the red inscription you can understand that behind the stone, most likely there is an enemy and it’s better not to go to the lumbago zone from this point.

Another way to use the mod is blind shots in the bushes. If some tank was shining in the thick of the vegetation and some tank destroyer had just emerged from the sun, there would appear its silhouette and there is a high probability that the enemy remained in the same place. Issued blindly (by inscription), the projectile can hit the target, if it does not move to another point on the map.

In the archive two folders, copy them to wot \ res_mods \


mod_shadow (1 MB)

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