Cheat sight Shaytan for Wot 1.9.0

Today we present one of the best forbidden sight –  Shaytan. The new Aimboat Shaytan is one of the best such sights due to its wide functionality.
The mod switched to a paid base, but we have demo version

Features of mod Shaytan

    • Capture the target behind the shelter. A standard sight captures an enemy only when at least part of its body is visible, when the tank is in line of sight. But Shaytan allows you to capture an enemy even if tank hides, still the sight will follow him.
    • Built-in bot with automatic shooting and tracking pre-emption (the bot is responsible only for the operation of the sight, it does not affect the movement of the machine).
    • Tracking the enemy even if he came out of the light. Mod calculates the most likely direction of the enemy’s ride.
    • Showing the distance to the target and its speed.
    • Red marker, appearing on the screen in the event that the opponent is out of the shot area.

Remember, these sights are forbidden by the developers, as well as any mods that change the algorithm of the standard auto-target.


Go to World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 1.9.0 and copy here the folder from the archive.
Control of Shaytan mod is carried out by the keys from the Numpad block (numeric keypad on the keyboard).


AimBotShaytan (200 KB)

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