CircleCross sight for World of Tanks 0.9.22

One of the original developments, which will interest for users “World of Tanks” game, is a white version of the CircleCross sight for World of Tanks 0.9.22 WOT. In this modification, the developers decided to upgrade the standard version.
The original solution for selecting the color range of the aiming lines is white. When the “tanker” gets to the location “Prokhorovka” or “Fire arc”, then the targeting risks for conducting fire clearly distinguish the enemy, trying to hide among the vegetation.

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CircleCross sight for World of Tanks

But, unfortunately, the situation begins to change in the desert terrain. Especially in some parts of the map “Sand River” the crosshair can slightly unvisible surrounding landscape. And if suddenly there is no luck and the battlefield will be the “Arctic” or “Winter Himmelsdorf”, then the use of this mod causes controversial feelings. But, fortunately, such locations do not drop out often, and therefore, there will be almost no negative emotions from using the modification.

But there are ergonomically located indicators that show the number of remaining ammunition and the distance to the target. A peculiar, rather interesting indicator of recharge guns. Well, the inscription “Ready” will not let you miss the moment when the gun reloaded and you can again damage the enemy


CircleCross sight (2 MB)

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