Download common test 9.19.1

Common test 9.19.1

The common test for update 9.19.1 is already available and contains many improvements and innovations. Meet them, test them and share your opinion on site.

Among other things, in this version developers will also add new combat training (“Training Ground”) and 13 models of technology, processed in HD-quality. And now about everything in order.


Platoons. Since the update 9.18, artillery could not be taken into a platoon. This restriction was temporary, we introduced it to better understand the global changes in arty class: to study the effect of the updated artillery on combat and collect your feedback. There were a lot of comments – we analyzed them and collected statistics and returned to the a the ability to play in the platoon, limiting the amount of artillery by one machine to a platoon.

Balance within one level in the team list. With this problem, developers decided to understand step by step, because at one time it can not be solved. In version 9.18, poorly balanced teams became much smaller, due to the fact that tank destroyer was taken into account when collecting teams. Most of the players responded positively about the maximum difference between the teams in one tank for arty, light tanks and tank destroyer.

In update 9.19.1, this problem will be solved: was added a new logic for balancing the composition of teams by the types of equipment and platoons within each level of technology. Each time, creating a battle, the balancer will tend to the same number tank destroyer, light tanks, arty and platoons for each level. For example, if in one of the teams at the top of the list there is one tank destroyer, in the middle of the list there are two light tanks, and in the lower part – one arty, then in the opponent’s team the technique should be distributed according to the technical classes as well.

«Training ground»

In the next versions, a new learning functionality will be added, which we will introduce in several stages, starting with the update 9.19.1. In this version, the “Training Ground” will be available. Later we plan to introduce other additional training elements.

The first stage of training introduces beginners to the basic mechanics of the game in a series of four training fights. In them, in the form of hints, the basics of the game and tactics for different maps and situations in combat are explained. In order for the process to go smoothly, the “Training Ground” gradually introduces players to the interface of the Angara.

At the same time, the player shows a clear sequence of actions when preparing the machine for battle. First, he learns the basics: the study and purchase of machine modules, the management of equipment, shooting, types of ammunition, critical damage, crew training, equipment and equipment operation. Throughout the learning process, the user receives detailed information about the elements most relevant at the current stage.

The training ends with the final task – a full-scale fight of 15 to 15, in which the player, along with 14 bots, confronts the enemy team of 15 bots. These are not ordinary bots – we have worked their logic much deeper.

Combat training is not only training: players will also receive loans, experience, equipment, equipment and days of premium account. Upon completion of the training, new users will receive 500-coins is enough, for example, for multiple equipment dismantling.

How to take part in common test 9.19.1

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