Damage panel from Locastan for WOT 0.9.21


  • adapted for 0.9.21;


Damage panel from locastan for WOT 0.9.21 was made on the basis of the panel from STlite.

Main features of the panel:

  • log damage;
  • display of ricochets and not penetrations;
  • all modules are not visible until they are damaged, which essentially frees the combat interface;
  • very noticeable fire indication;
  • display the repair time of modules;
  • repair through CTRL;

The panel will be presented in three versions:

Standard panel:

Standard panel with modules in the center of the screen:

Standard panel with a repair in the center of the screen:

In all the presented variants, the treatment and repair through CTRL works. So for convenience, we advise you to put the third variant with the modules and crew in the center. While they are not damaged, they are transparent and do not interfere with you. And as soon as something needs to be repaired or someone to be treated, you do not need to drive the mouse in the side, but just drop it slightly from the center and everything is done.


  • Install the font.
  • Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.


Damage panel from Locastan (2 MB)

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