Damage panel from P_H_A_R_A_O_N for WOT 1.0

The new panel of damages from modder P_H_A_R_A_O_N is not only beautiful but also functional. While only the first version of the panel is working.

Features of modification

  • New visual design. The panel became rectangular, its color changed, and the information blocks moved slightly. For example, the hitpoint strip is now below, there are two lines with icons of the crew and modules on top (icons, by the way, are also new, they will have to get used to). Minimize the panel obtained by shifting the tank’s miniature to the left, it is to the right of the panel.
  • No such mod can do without a log of damage. The author added a hit counter, the amount of damage, the type of projectile, the name of the shooting machine and the icon of its class.
  • At the moment of penetration near the counter of projectiles appears a damage indicator, it contains information about the nickname of the player, his tank and shows the recharge timer, as well as a small icon of the machine.


  • Download the archive, set the fonts needed for displaying text and numbers.
  • The folder configs is copied to the address WoT / res_mods.
  • Other folders and files are copied to WoT / res_mods / 1.0


Damage panel from P_H_A_R_A_O_N (2 MB)

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