Damage panel “Harpoon” for WOT

The main idea when creating this damage panel was to reduce its size, now it is stretched in breadth, thereby reducing the height.

Features of modification

  • A completely new interface, there is no trace left of the standard version. Now the panel is rectangular, on the left are two rows of icons of the crew and modules, and on the right is a miniature of the tank. The author used a green background and added animation of various events, for example, the started fire can be noticed faster, and if the caterpillar is damaged its icon will turn red.
  • Due to the decrease in the height of the message the chat shifted downward.
  • Under each icon appeared a rectangular indicator of integrity, if the module is OK, then the color will be green, if the enemy damage, the indicator will change color to red.
  • In the right block there is a simple log of damage. There are no unnecessary data in it except for the amount of damage done. One figure – no more. If you need a more advanced version of the log, download the DamageLog mod.


We copy the mod folders to the \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ directory.
In combat, the mod looks like this:


Damage panel “Harpoon” (200 KB)

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