Damage panel “JOVE” for WOT 1.0.0

Tankmen, we bring to your attention mod damage panel, which is included in the assembly of Jove for WOT 1.0.0. Here the mod is presented separately from all the others for your convenience.
In addition to the log of hits, the panel very brightly for a few seconds shows the latest hit on your tank (pictured below in the screenshot). In the appendage on the panel you can see how much the damaged module will be repaired (repair timer).

In general, nothing superfluous, only the necessary data. The style is well maintained, the damaging panel like Jove for WoT 1.0.0 does not buggy.

Together with the panel there is a configuration file – SDPSetting.xml. When you open it, you will see the config, but all the variables are signed, so you will not have any problems if you want to fit the panel into your design considerations. For example, you can adjust the transparency of the damage panel and even its individual parts, adjust the log of hits, history, speed of information display, timers and stuff … There are a lot of settings.

The contents of the archive should be placed in \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods\.

This screenshot shows the last hit -359xp. After a while, these numbers disappear, so as not to distract. Screenshot can be increased by clicking:


Damage panel “JOVE”  (800 KB)

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