Damage panel Legacy for World of Tanks 1.0

The newest mini damage panel “Legacy” for World of Tanks 1.0. Thanks to its truly cosmic design, this panel looks very good and does not merge with the surrounding design in the game, all modules, and icons of the crew members are very clearly visible, also the strip of the HP tank is very much replaced, the speed figures are enlarged, the tank indicator is more noticeable. In all panels of this author digital timer repair of your modules, the panel is suitable for both standard resolutions of monitors and for notebook owners.


In the archive, you will also find a customized standard log damage log, which thanks to the Ekspoint modder you can customize and move the log wherever you want.
You can configure it in this way: WoT \ mods \ configs \ ekspoint \ mod_battleDamageLogPanel.json


DamagePanel Legacy (3 MB)

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