Damage panel Octagon for World of Tanks (2 options)

Judging by the number of different modifications intended for the “World of Tanks” game, many gamers simply do not like these or other elements of the client, the contents in the hangar, various menus. Of course, a lot of changes are made to the indicators panels, which prompted the “tankman” about the state of his technique.

Take, for example, the panel of damage, what else can it be upgraded in ?! Judging by the mod, the Octagon damage panel for World of tanks is 1.0, almost everything. Although it remained in the old place, in the lower left corner of the screen, mod now looks completely different.

The panel became similar to a flower, where in the center is an icon of armored vehicles, and instead of petals knots and elements of the tank. Under this “polygon-camomile” snug icons of the crew. And all the elements are made in a translucent green color, which does not distract the player from the fighting. But it’s worth starting the fight, and the tank will get the first damage, as the picture begins to change.

“The caterpillar is knocked down, the traffic is impossible!” And the image of the “gusli” lights up in a bright red color. The countdown timer starts to work, indicating when the repair will end. The HP level strip from the damage panel was moved to the badges of ammunition, and became more informative than the standard one.


DamagePanel Octagon 2v (2 MB)

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