Damage panel PowerBait for World of Tanks 0.9.22

Among the many developments, which are offered by modder instead of the standard variants, there are also those that you would like to throw into the trash can. So clumsy and ugly they look in the game client World of Tanks. But, fortunately, you can find a real masterpiece. This is how we can characterize the PowerBait damage panel for World of tanks 0.9.22. Try to install it and you will like it.

The damage panel, which it replaces, is transformed beyond recognition. The color scheme is the same as the standard one, but how everything is done! Volume, smooth transition of halftones. Honestly, this is an extra problem. There is a danger that the “tanker” will forget why he went into battle, and begin to consider the innovation, forgetting about the battle. It should be emphasized that the functional part is not inferior to graphic design. Everything is in its place, and it is well recognizable. But there is also innovation.

Damage panel PowerBait Damage panel for WOT

The strip of “life” technology is now set horizontally. Among the additions – there is information about the type and model of enemy armored vehicles that fired on the player’s tank. Also displays the type of ammunition and the amount of damage inflicted, or its absence.


DamagePanel PowerBait (760 KB)

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