Damage panel Skyrim for World of Tanks

Among the many options for replacing the standard panel of World of Tanks client damage, a bright spot stands out modification of the beautiful Damage Panel Skyrim for World of Tanks WOT. When you use it at once see an interesting use of gray and white colors. Their combination highlights all objects in the graphic display and makes them very noticeable.

The armored equipment icon itself is separated from the icons of the main units and placed at the very corner of the bottom edge of the screen. The strip of “health” has become longer and thicker, which accordingly increases its distinguishability during a heavy fight. Any module that is disabled, becomes bright red, more precisely a countdown timer that appears on the site of a broken engine.

Damage panel
Damage panel for WOT

But that’s not all. During the battle, data are displayed which of the enemies dared to fire at the armored vehicles of the “tanker” and inflicted damage on it. It seems that this option will soon become standard in one of the next game updates. It seems that this will be correct. After all, knowing which tank carried the fire, you can imagine the caliber of its gun and the approximate time of recharging. And with such data, it is possible to plan an attack when it is helpless on recharging.


DamagePanel Skyrim (1 MB)

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