Deegies’s sight for WOT 1.6.1

The Deegie’s sights are the most beautiful mod in Sight category.

Features of modification

  • The mod is executed in turquoise tones.
  • During recharging, a new, beautiful animation is played.
  • The author paid most attention to the beauty of this mod, now the aiming interface has become truly magnificent, for example, the indicators of reloading and strength of the tank have a unique style that will surely appeal to most tankmen. Take a look at the screenshots and immediately understand everything.

If the other sights are aimed at increasing the information content, Deegie’s Sights is more suitable for players who crave from the interface of their favorite beauty game. Each element of the mod is directed precisely at this.

Installation Deegie’s Sights

Unpack the contents of the archive at /World_of_Tanks/mods/1.6.1


Pritsel Deegie (700 KB)

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