Download common test 9.19.1

Download commom test for patch 9.19.1

The servers for the World of Tanks update 9.19.1 are dedicated servers, where check playability maps, technical characteristics, common updates by ordinary wot players are checked. The test server is available only at a certain time, the input is only possible if the developers are ready to test the performance of gaming innovations.

Release date of update 9.19.1 for World of Tanks

Title Release date
The first common test for update 9.19.121 - 22nd of June 2017
The second common test for update 9.19.128th of June 2017
The release update 9.19.1in the middle of July

How it works?

What is test server. In principle, this is a virtual resource, where there is a modified copy of the game. The main purpose of this test server – to check the capabilities of any innovations before including them in the main patch.

download common test for WOT
Common test for World of Tanks 9.19.1

The developers of WG are the first to access test domains. Then connect the super-testers to find shortcomings and bugs. After correction, additional testing is performed with maximum load of the game client. For this, a copy of the game is “put” on the backup domain, where anyone can go. After that, once again the detected defects are eliminated, after which changes are made to the main client of the game.

How to become a participant in the WoT test?

Anyone can participate in the testing of the game. To do this, you need to download the installer with version 9.19.1 After that, the installer will prompt the user to download the test game client. After the download is complete, a new WORLD of TANKS folder is created on the desktop with the graphics settings directory specified by the player.

Then we proceed according to the standard scheme. We start the launcher, enter personal information on the authorization page that correspond to the real nickname and password, we get access to one of the two test servers.

Keys Features

There are two basic rules for the test participants:

  • Participants receive: 20 000 game gold, 100 000 000 credits and free experience.
  • Earned on the test server experience, the game currency and the acquired technology is not transferred to the main client.

The purpose of the test for patch 9.19.1

Players will have to test the following innovations:

  • New Light Tanks 10 level
  • Changes the characteristics of premium technology
  • New HD Tanks

Download the common test for World of Tanks 9.19.1

As soon as a link to download the test client 9.19.1 appears, it will be published here! Tentatively, we should expect closer to the evening after 21st June. The client’s release date of 9.19.1 is expected by the middle of June 2017, as indicated in the table below.

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