Download common test for patch 9.20 World of Tanks

The next significant patch of the World of tanks will be patch 0.9.20 with graphics. Here is what is known about the upcoming patch. 0.9.20.

Release date of update 9.20 World of Tanks

The first general update test 9.20August 2-3, 2017
The second general update test 9.20August 16, 2017
Update 9.20at the end August 2017

The purpose of the test for patch 9.20

The update World of Tanks will contain a number of innovations and improvements. It was not so long to wait for it. Already some details about the upcoming changes in patch 0.9.20 have become known:

  • A new type of battle “General Battle” for the regime


– 60 players on the card, 30 on each team;

– Only X level technology is available;

– The battle time is 15 minutes;

The condition of victory:

– Capture the enemy base;

– Destroy all enemy equipment.


• Fight like “General Battle” is formed from the general queue of the “Random Battle” mode.

• In the battles of the “General Battle” type, only the 10th level technique can participate.

• Hit the type of battle “General Battle” occurs randomly, by analogy with other types of combat: “Storm” and “Counter Strike.”

• “General Battle” type of combat is included by default for all players. Enabling / disabling is done in the settings: Settings -> Game -> Random Battles Types -> General Battle.

• Each team is conditionally divided into 3 subgroups, 10 people each.

• The player can not choose a subgroup, belonging to a particular subgroup is determined by the matchmaker.

• The composition of teams in the General Battle is governed by the general rules of matchmaking 2.0.

• The composition of each subgroup by type of technique will be as similar as possible to the composition of a similar subgroup from the opposite team.

• The number of arty in this type of combat is limited to 4 units per team.

Download the common test for patch 9.20

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