Download common test for update 0.9.21

Patch World of Tanks 9.21 will be a final update in 2017. About the release date update, 0.9.21 is not yet known too, at the moment it is known only that it will be in December 2017.

New Year is coming, and World of Tanks on the eve of the holiday has prepared for players a global update aimed at improving and optimizing the game process. With the release of update 9. 21 changes will be made to the development branch of the two nations, a new map for the “General Battle” regime will appear. Interesting? Then consider the upcoming patch in more detail.

The general test will provide a new schedule, changes in the characteristics of tanks, as well as new tanks in HD quality.
For testing, users will be given the opportunity to test patch 9.20.1.

Download common test 9.21

Update 9.21. Review

  • Bye FV215b (183)

The branch of British tank destroyers is considered to be one of the best in the game. The accuracy and rate of fire of these machines can only be envied, and in skillful hands, the technique is capable of showing real horror on the fields of the random battles.
But British tanks have a lot of problems with armor, so developers decided improved frontal armor, and some tanks will be revised new weapons parameters.

  • French tanks

Starting from the 8th level of France tanks, the heavy tanks of this nation will receive an alternative development branch, which completely debunks the myth about bad armor. The branch will go from the tank – AMX M4 mle. 45 (on TTCH is very similar to the FCM 50t, but very slow and longer mixing to the gun)

  • Klondike in “General Battle”

Combat mode “Global battle” has come to taste a huge number of players, so the developers decided to move in this direction further. Therefore, with the release of the update, a new location for this type of battle will appear in the game.

Now battles in the format of 30×30 are transferred to the territory of North America, the game location “Klondike”. The size of the map is 1.4 * 1.4 kilometers, the fights will occur on a rough terrain with negligible vegetation. In the center will be a completely playable industrial zone.

In addition, the developers took into account all the wishes of the players and reviewed the work of the balancer for this mode of combat. It should be noted that here is not a complete list of planned changes.

Download common test 9.21

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