Fatality sight for World of Tanks 1.4.0

Fatality – this is another sight from the popular modder under nickname Andre_V.

Features of modification

  • Most of all, the recharge timer has been changed in the sight. Now it is to the right of the information, and besides the digital notation, the author added a horizontal strip, which is visually much better perceived by the player. than numbers.
  • The mix remained the same as in the vanilla game without mods, but the guidance marker has changed, now it is made in the form of a large white arrow pointing up. White color and large size provide high visibility of the marker on all types of maps, from winter to desert.
  • The bar for the drum tanks is shifted slightly downwards and is made in the form of a stack of green shells.
  • In addition to the recharge timer, to the right is the percentage counter of the remaining strength of the player’s tank.
    Minimalism and an improved recharge timer are the main advantages of this mod, for which it is worth trying

Installation Fatality Sight

Copy the sight files to \ mods \ 1.4.0


Pricel Fatality (1 MB)

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