World of Tanks cheat mod

Fire extinguisher, automatic crew treatment and auto repair modules for World of Tanks

To restore damaged assemblies and assemblies of WOT armored vehicles, the game provides for the use of a repair kit. Moreover, there are two types: automatic, when all damaged modules are repaired at once, and manual, when the player chooses himself what he needs – the “harps” can wait, but a faulty instrument requires urgent repair. The same applies to emergency medical care for crew members.

The question is, what else can be improved in this area? But we can. Only for this you will need to install a auto-extinguisher mod, automatic crew treatment and auto repair modules for World of Tanks. It should immediately be said that this development is prohibited, and whether the user decides whether or not to install it

The very same modification acts as follows. With the help of a text editor, the “tankman” selects the unit, if it is damaged, the repair will work. It is also determined tanker, whose health will be immediately returned to the original.
The advantages of using the add-on – instant repair simple repair kit or treatment with a first aid kit. Speed ​​and cost savings.
The minus is a violation of the rules of the game, according to which a gamer will be punished if he is found to use prohibited modifications.


The mod can be customized to the individual needs of each player. To do this, open the file repair_extended.json located at

World_of_tanks \ mods \ configs \ spoter \ repair_extended \ repair_extended.json
and set the desired values.

Important! Only the Notepad ++ program can open the configuration file.

It is possible to edit car repair for such modules as engine, ammunition, gun, tracks, etc. Autotreatment setup is available for the gunner, driver, loader, etc. That is, if you think that there is no need to spend a repair kit to restore the track or the gun, then you need to install it in the appropriate line. Customization is available for each type of tanks.

Mod refers to the prohibited. You use it at your own risk.


mod_repair_extended (2 MB)

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