Hangar from developers to the victory day for WOT 0.9.22

Test client update 0.9.22 pleased us with several new hangars, the first of which you will find in this material.

Features of modification

  • The new hangar is dedicated to the Victory Day.
  • Highest quality. In Wargaming, it has long been proven that developers can create really stunning hangars.
  • The player’s tank is located near the destroyed fountain. Around there are other tanks, for example, Cromwell, Sherman and, IS-3 in HD-quality!
  • Around the tank destroyed buildings, which gives the picture even more atmospheric.
  • Flags of various states.


After the archive finishes loading, there are several folders in it. They need to be copied to res_mods \ 0.9.22 and restart the game client. Installation is complete, you can enter the game and enjoy.


Hangar victory day (28 MB)

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