hangar for WOT

Hangar “quiet beach” for World of Tanks 9.22

A quiet beach is one of the most beautiful hangars created by the developers of the World of Tanks. If you are tired of a standard hangar where there are tanks, try installing this hangar which called “Quiet beach”, it is worked out to the smallest detail.

Features of modification

The authors completely changed the standard hangar. Now the tank selected in the carousel will be on a magnificent beach. The hangar was very colorful, and the quality of detail is really impressive. The number of new objects is overshooting – palm trees, ships in the distance, chaise lounges, beautiful water …

A quiet beach is ideal for players who are tired of watching one of the two standard hangars all the time – premium and ordinary. And although the premium hangar is much more beautiful than usual, but this hangar mod is much more beautiful, because it completely change the location to a completely new one.

Installing the hangar Quiet Beach

To get started, mod unpack all the folders from the archive to World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 0.9.22.

hangar for WOT


hangar Quiet beach (16 MB)

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