Hangman – change hangar directly in the game for WOT 1.5.0

This modification is a completely different type. It is a set of hangars that you can change right during the game!

Hangman Features

  • Large selection of hangars.
  • Control using the mod in the game window. Above, near the button “In battle”, there is a mod icon, clicking on it will bring up a settings window in which you can select the mod of changing locations and the desired hangar.

Fans of such modifications are highly recommended to get acquainted, at the moment it’s the most elaborate such mod. There was one more, but there the hangars were changed by editing the configuration file, which is not very convenient. Now everything is much simpler.


  • We copy the mod folders to World_of_Tanks / res_mods.

In the screenshots below, the hangars are not very beautiful in the technological plan, but this is due to the low graphics settings, you will look much nicer locations:


HangMan_2.31 (250 KB)

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