Historical sight HARDscope for World of Tanks 1.6.1

The game “World of tanks” with great certainty and maximum realism presents users with all kinds of game models of armored vehicles of various armies of the world and different time periods. The creators of mod historical sight HARDscope for World of tanks 1.6.1

in this process have stepped even further. Their efforts in the World of tanks have a sight, recreating the optics, which used to be the gunners of the Soviet tanks of the Great Patriotic War. Now, including the sniper mode, the player will, even more, immerse in a virtual battle, filled with historical realism.

Lines of black color with marked grades to fire to anticipate a moving target, a real crosshair to select a vulnerable spot on the enemy “Tiger”. Those who fear that it will be difficult to play with such a system are going through in vain. All modern additions, which have become familiar to many – the counter shells, the indicator of the recharge time of the gun with good animation, the distance to the goal – remained in their previous places. Specifies the HP level in percent. There is a graphic informer of the number of projectiles in the cassette (drum).


Pritsel HARDscope (1 MB)

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