Hitzones from Protanki for World of Tanks 0.9.22

The skins of the Estet can have one important difference from similar mods – now the weak zones are shown only in the tank, which is aimed at.

Features of modification

    • All other skins change the textures of all machines on the battlefield, so the atmosphere of tank battles is lost a little, because the combat equipment is painted, which is not realistic at all. But thanks to the included in the mod script zone, the penetrations are activated only during the sight aimed at the tank. In all other cases, the textures are the same as they should be without mod. This is the most important advantage of Estet’s skins.

  • Now you can greatly improve your effectiveness in combat, especially if you recently started playing WoT. Imagine that in the World of Tanks there are more than four hundred units of equipment and each combat vehicle has unique characteristics, especially for booking. Remember all technical characteristics novice is very difficult, so there were created similar sets of textures of tanks with marked vulnerabilities. And intuitive icons will show you the location of the crew members and the location of the modules.


Unpack the folders in the directory with the game.


Hitzones from Pro Tanki (255 MB)

Replacement of skins (256 MB)

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