Jimbo sight mod for World of Tanks 1.7.0

The Jimbo ZX sight adds a new aiming interface to WoT.

Features of modification

  • In the sniper mode, you can now see a lot of new elements, the styling of the sight is similar to sighting nets from some space guns or a super-modern tank. However, some may not like excessive clutter.
  • The recharge timer is on the left at the rim of the sight and has a new animation in the form of a moving square in a semicircle. In addition to animation, recharging can be tracked using numbers.
  • Strength points are stylized in the same way as the recharge timer.
  • The guidance marker is made in the form of a noticeable red dot, around which are green semicircles.
  • In the arcade mode, the changes are not so global – the grid of guidance has changed slightly, other elements have remained in their places.

Installation of sight

  • Open the downloaded archive and install the font.
  • After that, the .wotmod files are copied to World of Tanks \ mods \ 1.7.0


[] Grabaah’s Contour Icon Mod (450 KB)

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