Minimalistic sight Dellux for World of Tanks

The standard sight, loaded with all sorts of data and various devices, has many opponents among World of Tanks players. The way out is seen in the installation of the mod’s minimalist Dellux sight for World of tanks And really, there is absolutely nothing superfluous. All only the most necessary.
There is an indicator of the amount of ammunition and data in percentage of the integrity of armored vehicles (the amount of HP).

Indicates the time until the gun is fully ready for fire. About this, by the way, signals the inscription “Ready!” On the left side of the sight. The crosshair is made on the basis of the standard model, and nothing special stands out. But the circle of information, made in the form of a thin green, contrasting line, bears a double function.

  • 1. Indicates that the gun has stopped swinging and you can shoot with the greatest probability of hitting the target.
  • 2. Informs the color animation that the recharge has not yet ended. The red background gradually disappears as it becomes ready until it completely dissolves. Everything, again, can cause damage to the enemy.

The color and thickness of the aiming system lines are quite contrast. They are clearly visible in the “winter” and “sand” locations.


Pricel MiniDellux (750 KB)

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