Mod Chaos – combining the standard and server sight for WOT 1.4.1

This mod will help you to get rid of annoyingly unsynchronized rifles, during which the projectile fly in other places.

Why is this necessary?

Many experienced players play with a server sight, insuring against unpleasant situations, when the game and server sight do not match, which leads to an annoying blunder. But two information on the screen – it’s not too pleasant, and there is a risk of confusion. Therefore, mod Chaos was created, which will combine these two sights. Now you will never miss, if the gun is looking at some point, the server sight will be directed there as well. This is the key feature of the modification.

To get started, do not forget to activate the server scope in the settings, without this modification will not work.

How to install?

There are two folders in the downloaded archive. You need to extract them here: wot \ mods \. Turn on the server mod, restart the client and see that the barrel of the machine is strangely twitching (this is such a feature of the work). Everything is working!


Mod Chaos (350 KB)

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