Mod for checking tank arm in hangar for WOT 9.22

Another high-quality mod from the team Protanki,  which help you to see all tank armor of each tank.

Features of mod

  • Works with all equipment, from the first to the tenth level.
  • Extended information on the reservation, for example, you can see the actual thickness of the sheet (nominal), armor with inclination, the current angle, the number of elements, as well as an indicator indicating.

To whom will be this mod useful? First of all, beginners, because in our game you have more than four hundred copies of equipment and each tank has a unique booking scheme. With the help of a mod, it will be possible to study the protection of a newly purchased tank, to evaluate the resulting armor, etc.


  • In the archive loaded above, there are two folders, they need to be extracted to the World_of_Tanks \ mods \ 0.9.20 directory.
  • After that go to the game, open the mode of previewing tanks and click on the “booking”.

See how the modification works:


Mod (850 KB)

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