Mod “lost time” – extended session statistics for WOT 1.4.1 v1

From the first days of appearance WOT game, players have begun to reflect and follow their statistics of battles. In consequence, for many, it has become the most important indicator and a lot of players carefully follow its change. There are a whole bunch of services that can reflect even the most minimal changes in your statistics, build charts and different patterns.

Many of these services can be found in our Game Statistics section. But progress does not stand still and on the expanses of the Internet there are more and better products for keeping records of WOT statistics. One of them is the “Lost Time” mod – extended session statistics for WOT 1.4.1

This is the next generation of the old Statistics mod for the World of Tanks session, it was inspired the ShuraBB modder to create an improved, more thoughtful and elaborate version of it. The work was done very much and the result surpassed all expectations. Mod “Lost Time” has a very powerful functionality. Its statistics for the session looks even better than the statistics from all known mod P-mod.

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The main feature of the mod is the ability to create an unlimited number of windows for session statistics with a different set of macros, which have a very large number. Using them you will be able to display the following information:

  • Statistics on loans;
  • Statistics on experience, damage, expenses, penalties;
  • Visual display of bonuses that were received for the use of personal reserves;
  • Statistics of the time spent on the game, from there and the name of the mod is the lost time :);
  • Statistics of effectiveness in combat for all possible ratings, which number 8;
  • The conclusion of customized statistics on the last battle;
  • Graphical display of the effect of the current combat session on overall account statistics;

In addition to all this, the lost time mode will display extended session statistics which includes:

  • general Statistics;
  • Statistics on maps;
  • Statistics on tanks;

You can also configure and specify the types of fights that you need to take into account in statistics, create any number of statistics windows, you can navigate between them by the links you specify. It is impossible to describe all the possibilities of fashion, it is simply gorgeous. In order for you to have what to train and how to take an example, by default five mods of its settings are added to the mod.

Setting the mod:

The mod setting file is along this path, it can change the current config or switch to the new one:

WOT \ res_mods \ configs \ BBMods \ TimeSpent.json
To change the configuration option, first comment out the lines of the default option by putting //, it is important, after them, there should also be a space:

// Default color swap macros.
// $ {“Default / Colors.json”},

// Default skin (with detailed comments)
// $ {“Default / TimeSpent_Default.json”}

// Minimalistic skin
// $ {“Default / TimeSpent_Minimalistic.json”}
And then uncomment the lines of the variant you need (we show the example from NooBooL):

// Config and skin from NooBooL
$ {“NooBooL / NooB.json”}

Copy the folder res_mods to the folder with the game confirming the replacement.


TimeSpent- (35 MB)

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