Mod max farplane for WOT

Hello Dear Tankmen! Today we look at a small but useful and functional modpack, from author Urban_fighter, for the version
But I want to pay attention, some elements of this assembly can affect your FPS (gameplay performance) and if you have a weak computer, then I recommend to refrain from using it.

Short description

  • This assembly is a kind of addition to your already installed modpack, but is not less useful.
  • The assembly contains the following useful improvements.

1. The most important thing is to increase the visibility range on all maps. This will allow you to fire more effectively, for long distances, but that’s not all, so there is the possibility of choosing the range of rendering. Such variants are presented at your choice:
– The maximum is 2500 m.
– High 2000 m.
– The average is 1000 m.
– Low 600 m.

Mod max farplane Mod max farplane

2. And that’s not all, just in the assembly there are elements that remove the “fog” on the maps, as well as all not very important effects, such as: “haze” when shooting, destroying the tank, destroying fences, tanks and other Objects. And it can significantly raise you FPS in the game!


Copy the system folder to WOT / res_mods /


Mod max farplane (1 MB)

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