Mod YasenKrasen for World of Tanks 1.9.0

This mod for World of Tanks, is the most indispensable, it allows you to sort your results for the battle and put on them the appropriate color differences. So, for example, costs will be allocated in white, profit is green and different names will have a yellow tint. Pretty comfortable and nice by the eye. But these shades refer to the results for the fight.

About Mod YasenKrasen

As for the general results, this mod allows you to derive the overall statistics of all the battles conducted and to calculate your achievements. They will indicate: the experience gained (2 options with and without premium account), how many fights were conducted and how many of them turned out to be victories and the amount of your balance following the results of all fights, that is, if you go into minus, this result will also be indicated . The shades of these messages are almost the same as those described above, only in this case the negative indicator of your balance will have a red tint.

Mod YasenKrasen Mod YasenKrasen


You need to move the files from the archive to the game directory, namely by the way: World of Tanks / res_mods / x.x.x (x.x.x – game version)





  • 1.9.0 will be soon

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