Modpack from JOVE v51.1.2 for World of Tanks

Today we will look at the one of the most popular modpack from JOVE  Most gamers at least once tried to play with various tricks. Hacked accounts, installed cheat codes, unlocked engineering menus. In online game World of Tanks, such actions are strictly suppressed. Punishment is a complete account deletion. But, on the other hand, it is allowed to make additional modifications to improve certain qualities or parameters. Legal methods can significantly improve the gam

eplay. Jove modpack is exception and a popular tank simulator.

Version  51.1.2

Modpack changes

XVM updated to version 7.7.3
PMOD – updated skinn demon2957
Updated skins piercing
Fixed the work of the mod “Circle 15m from the tank”
Other minor fixes

Mods in modpack Jove

The greatest interest in gamers are mods:

More functional than standard sight. Interchanges interfaces, both in the hangar and in combat. An excellent damage panal – it outputs  data directly during the battle.

This is only a small part of the various mods in modpack. To learn more, you can download modpack. Install it and appreciate the skills of developers.

What is modpack from Jove?

An interesting point – modpack for World of Tanks from jove is an ordinary program. During the installation, selected those items that will be required for a comfortable game. We should not forget that mistakes are common to all, so it’s no surprise if shortcomings are found in the future. Experiencing is not worth it, all the mistakes are quickly eliminated by author.

Another nuance. If you already used any add-ons in the old version, then it is better to remove the client program. Re-run the installation of the game (use the full installation package). A similar step is needed so that there is no conflict between mods. Otherwise, there may be trouble. Imagine that in the middle of a heavy fight, when you are surrounded by enemies, the game will take and hang. Or you will be kicked out of the program.

Video-review modpack Jove


Unzip the archive, run the installer.Follow the prompts.After selecting the checkboxes list of mods that you are interested in and which you wish to install on your WOT client.


Modpack from JOVE (260 MB)

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