Modpack from NDO – the most necessary mods for World of Tanks 1.7.0

Since the interface during the battles in World of Tanks is not ideal, various modifications regularly come out that change it for the better and make it more understandable. The assembly of mods from NDO is no exception and improves the appearance of elements in battle. Thanks to it, the user will be able to receive more useful information during the battles and make the right decisions based on this, allowing not only to survive, but also to contribute to the victory of the team.

wot Modpack from NDO

The modpack includes the following mods that can be selectively put on the client:

  • complex modification of XVM;
  • recycling equipment icons;
  • adding new voice replicas;
  • more convenient reference panel;
  • additional notifications in the information panel;
  • updated damage panel;
  • modified shell indicators;
  • enable / disable Friendly Fire in order to save ammo and avoid fines;
  • color decals of damage on equipment;
  • the addition of plain textures on the downed tracks and destroyed equipment;
  • more detailed statistics about the battle.

All updates have a specific color scheme, ideally matching the general project interface. The author also uses large fonts with white letters, which are clearly visible regardless of the background. Despite the update in appearance, the elements remain at their previous positions, so the user does not need to get used to it and look for this or that information on his monitor.

By putting on the client an assembly of mods from NDO, the player will receive much more information during the battle, which will make the right decisions. If desired, a certain modification can be disabled at any time and return the standard interface elements. However, after spending a couple of fights and getting used to the updates, he obviously will not want to do this.


NDO Modpack (13 MB)

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