Modpack GeeMod v2 for World of Tanks 1.6.0

Installed this modpack on your computer, you get a certain number of advantages, which we can talk a very long time, but it’s much better to check it directly in battle. The modpack of GeeMod will like you pleasant interface changes, among which is the convenient work of Pmod, an accurate display of the chances of victory, the appearance of several new sights and others.

Here you can decide yes or no on next questions:

  • show quantity on score board
  • show hitlog
  • show team HP indicator
  • show average damage on current vehicle
  • show received damage log
  • show vehicle efficiency in hitlog
  • show clan icon (playerpanel)
  • show red flash when enemy hit you
  • centered minimap (when pressing CTRL)
Download modpack
Modpack for WOT

All in GeeMod you can find such mods:

  • Atac
  • Paintball
  • Pathfinder
  • Damage indicator
  • Fat Border
  • Arty aim location
  • 15 meter circle
  • Mark of excellence visibility
  • much more

Modpack GeeMod translated into 2 languages: English and German (Deutsch).  Also it is easy to use and updated itself at startup.


GeeMod (2 MB)

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