Modpack Hard Cheat for WOT 1.4.0

Good modpacks are few and HARD cheat mod pack is a confirmation, because, in addition to the allowed mods, the assembly included the best cheats, starting from the contours of technology behind obstacles before the replay of enemies.

Composition of the collection

  • Aimboat with the capture of the enemy behind the shelter. But, however, without pre-emption, it is possible that other variants of cheating sights will be added in new versions of modpack.
  • Three versions of the x-ray, white, yellow, and also orange.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher. You can choose one of two options, the first simply replaces the standard fire extinguisher premium, and the second adds more and automatic repair of modules and treatment crew. In addition, the functionality can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Displays interactive objects on the minimap when they are destroyed by the enemy.
  • Thick tracers, now they are more noticeable.
  • Several variants of the Tundra with different degrees of transparency. For example, you can choose 50%, 25% and generally 100% transparency of foliage.
  • Mod Shadow, showing in battle silhouettes of opponents who recently emerged from the dawn. Unlike the functionality of XVM, the full silhouette of the car with its location of the tower and name is shown.
  • Active reloading of tanks over markers, you can choose to display either from enemies or from all tanks.
  • Mod Laser, with his help from the barrel of the enemy tank appears a thin line, showing where the aim is made.
  • The final chord – Red balls for artillery, this mod will help the artillerymen destroy the entire ART-SAU of the opposing team in a few minutes. If that, of course, does not move after the shot.


Run the installer from the archive and follow its instructions. The most important point is choosing the right folder with the installed game client.


merkava_15.4 (48 MB)

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